Linux inside Windows, neighborhood walk and more!

May 09, 2022 Nimer and Kirt Episode 3
Linux inside Windows, neighborhood walk and more!
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to this weeks' Blind Tech Adventures. Departing from our tech exclusive fair lately, Kirt takes us on a walk around his neighborhood and sares some travel tips along the way. Nimer shows us how to set up the Windows Subsystem for Linux, with Kirt sharing some powerful - and somewhat obscure- windows keystrokes during Nimer's inevitable reboots throughout the setup process.

In the News:
1.  In case you somehow haven't heard, Elon Musk is buying Twitter. Reports now indicate he is planning 
 to serve as the social network's interim CEO while the company transitions to his leadership.

2.  At&T, heralded by many American cell phone industry insiders as the best value in U.S. wireless, is raising prices for their legacy plans in a bid to switch their customers to newer offerings.

3. T-mobile is expanding their fixed wireless business in a bid to compete with cable companies like Xfinity.  Price cuts were adverttised, especially for customers who bundle home internet with their magenta max cell service.

4.   The popular accessible navigation app blindsquare has been updated, bringing better turn by turn directions and support for bluetooth hearing aids.

5.  If you're a Mac user, you can now download a desktop version of the VoiceDream Reader app.

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